Varsha (Monsoon) 2020 Poems - Antoni Ooto


To Be

By Antoni Ooto


sun and light


to be heat and flower,
all opening at this moment


a feeling, a glimpse of an Everness,
the seer and the seen, the healer and the wound


I am tethered to you, old friend—Earth

a child who embraces all that he sees


I am the act and the memory
stream, rock, leaf


always becoming
and always leaving



Toward the Last

scumbling through shades of grey
a morphine clock ticks


ticking a cloud of medication


is this where we’ve now settled,
while a question closes our hearts


once more posturing bargains with God




they leave

ordinary as breath
necessary as sleep


Antoni Ooto from US is an internationally published poet and flash fiction writer. Known for his abstract expressionist art, Antoni now finds his voice in poetry. A study of many poets has opened and offered him a new form of self-expression. He has been published in Amethyst Review, The BeZine, The Ginger Collect, Young Ravens Review, and many others. He lives and works in upstate New York with his wife poet/storyteller, Judy DeCroce..


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