Varsha (Monsoon) 2020 Poems - Oluwafemi Atoyebi


...of a Moribund Portrait

By Oluwafemi Atoyebi


My daughter abhors the homely artifact
that marries my walls for years uncounted
Not because of its willy poise against
an innocent muddy wall but,
for the secrecy that defines my want of it.


I could not
see its morbidity as she claims,
perhaps I have lost the sense of taste for my aging.
To her, it seems I could not judge
the precision of art with time anymore;
I could not see it as the dross of the time present
maybe, because of my grayness...
…But, she knows not that all I see in it are values.


Though she judges it outworn but, its relics is my opium;
She knows not that Its posture is a memory
that relives my somber heart;
the image keeps the sanity of my soul; the faithful scene
that keeps the company of my ostracized eyes.
Its scope is a vision that steers my mind to joy;
the tongue that tells my ear good tiding.


A day will come when she will realize that its assumed funk
is a fragrance of hope that teaches the prudent heart to live....


Atoyebi Oluwafemi Akinlawon is a budding poet from Nigeria. He had Masters of Arts in English (Literature) from the Premiere University of Ibadan, Nigeria. He works as a researcher with Centre for Performing Arts and Film Studies. He won Adat(cube) weekly poetry prize in the month of March 2020 with his poem titled; ' Ode to Mighty Heroes'. He has published several of his works with different virtual magazines and journals.


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