Vasant (Spring) 2020 Poems - Alan Ray Simmons



A Dream That Never Came True

By Alan Ray Simmons

A false dream came true just to mock you.
People leave and never return every day,
not just in dreams where only dreams repeat.


She likes her dreams loose like pajamas, she said,
and I believed her.


From here on, it’s all ice cream at room temperature,
regardless of the season, ice cream, every flavor.
I don’t eat ice cream.


Still, you are never too old to die young.
She had the Tarot up online, but couldn’t
figure how to shuffle the deck.


The lime taste is from the concrete sleeve.
Why do I look at you and think suicide
and want you anyway?
I’ll breach that reality when I get there.


A song on paper does not sing along,
though I can’t help smiling while watching it try.
She was our analog girl long before she went paperless,
and then they digitized her all to hell.




Alan Ray Simmons lives in Alameda, California. He has been quoted on the front page of The New York Times. Poet-In-Residence, City of Chicago, 1979-80. Founder of the Spoken Word Movement, creator of the Main Event, the World Heavyweight Poetry Championship Fights, and The World Poetry Association, (WPA). He was Commissioner of the WPA and the World Poetry Bout Association, (WPBA), Chicago, Taos, New Mexico, 1979-2002. His work has appeared in 25 journals and magazines since January 2017, including Forage, Your Impossible Voice, Echo Literary Review, Placeholder Magazine, Blue River Review, Ariel Chart, Peacock Review, Peacock Review Anthology, Vol. II., Star 82 Review, Disappointed Housewife, Alcyone, a Magazine of Speculative Fiction, Issues II & III, Writing Good Poetry Newsletter, Soft Cartel, Contribute to Chaos, Art of the Spoken Word, Former People Journal, The Sum Journal, Rune Bear Magazine, Genre: Urban Arts, Thin Air, Red Coyote, and 42 Word Story Anthology


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