Vasant (Spring) 2020 Poems - Joan Dobbie



Like a Huge Python

By Joan Dobbie

is winding itself tight
around our living earth-- my breath is caught--
we're heading toward forever darkest night.


Her ice caps melting, earth smothering-- bought
and sold -- This miracle called life is bound
to end if we don't change. The beast we fight


like a huge Python, winding round and round
this lonely earth, is human greed. And Greed itself
must die to save the light.


Joan Dobbie co-hosts the monthly River Road Reading Series (RRRS) in Eugene, Oregon, USA. She practices and teaches Hatha Yoga at the U of O and at Emerald Park and co-created "The Many Faces of Hatha Yoga" (Kendall-Hunt) 2012. Her full length poemoir, Woodstock Baby came out in 2013. With a 1988 U of O MFA in Creative Writing,

Joan occasionally conducts "Poetry Immersion" classes and workshop, works with Oral History, has written "Life Stories" upon request and co-wrote Before Us, Studies of Early Jewish Families in Saint Lawrence County (1981) and Life Stories of the Old And Young(1997). Her writings have appeared in anthologies, mags and online, including two 2019 interviews, one of Scott Landfield (Tsunami Books) and another of Daryll Lynne Evans (Wordcrafters) which appear on the Lane Writers Network ( Joan's second full length poetry collection The Language of Stone (Uttered Chaos Press) was released in October, 2019


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