Vasant (Spring) 2020 Poems - Kathrine Yets


My Body

By Kathrine Yets


My mauve shawl
wraps my body like a huge python,
winding round and round.
I hide my breasts, my thighs.
The bulges and beauty
sriracha hot but better to be
heard and not seen.
I can talk about my pride
but cannot show
my supple and sultry skin.
Dare I wear
that tight leopard blouse
with the v-neck?
Always yes.


Kathrine Yets lives in St. Francis WI. She instructs English at various universities. She teaches English. Her works can be found in Crab Fat, Fickle Muses, River&South Review, and a variety of other place. Her chapbook So I Can Write is freshly published by Cyberwit. The Animal Within is forthcoming from Unsolicited Press.


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