Vasant(Spring) 2020, Poems - Rose Aiello Morales



Waits and Measures

By Rose Aiello Morales

Like the stock market
and the endless search for compensation,
a window opens to the hawking sounds,
a sign winks suggestively.

The crazy lady on the corner talks about the soul,
poundage lost at expiration,
stories of a life accruing fines,
always late and overdue.
I’m scaling to the heights,
weighing holiness against the mundane,
searching for this poundage.


Morgues won’t let me in,
wary of the scale I carry,
hearts not quite like stones,
the heavy burdens that I bear.
Whispers follow me from moment into moment,
they think they know exacting times
and hover when I sleep.

I’ve heard the body shrinks with rest,
but no, it’s only recompense,

running through those fields of yearning,
blowing puffs into the wind,
jumping from the cliffs into the sea below
where time is not a construct
and bodies lose their burden,

21 grams,recovered by the sale of dreams.




Rose Aiello Morales lives from Marietta, Georgia, USA. She studied at Rutgers University before heading to Miami, Florida to seek her fortune. She has been a waitress, a dancer, a factory worker, sold Avon, was a telemarketer, and a school volunteer before she discovered writing. She is now the author of more than 14 books on poetry, short stories, and novels. Her writing is eclectic and she expounds on a wide variety of subjects, some humorous, some political, some serious. Her latest book of mini stories and essays is called "Treading Water in the Sea of Consciousness".


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