Vasant (Spring) 2020 Poems - Surajit Panigrahi


Deviations in You

By Surajit Panigrahi


The tyranny of time often giggles.
It makes; each and every one; to fumble.
The changes befell are not casual;
as it may not retrieve stars; from tumble.


You left the disorganized ‘I’ alone;
and took all virtues to lay ‘I’; dead inside.
I struggled to overhaul the damage;
by sailing through the uncontainable tide.


Your deceitful face ditched a hole;
and left I; inside the grip of a tiger’s claw.
So; stint altered ‘I’ to be very cruel;
by making his swag as a new code of law.


Now; Year(s) have come and gone;
A lot of water has flowed over the Ganga.
Many times, Sun or sleet appeared;
but I hit You & Time to write an ‘I’ saga.


Now, maybe ‘I’ am not the same ‘I’;
OR maybe; ‘You’ are not the same ‘You’.
I am comfortable to find; ‘who am I?’
and smilingly watching; deviation in You.


Surajit Panigrahi has post graduate degree in Mathematics and an MBA, had worked as an Auditor for United Nation Organizations in Africa. During 2005, he got posted to High Commission of India (HCI) at London in UK. Six of his poems are/were published in Muse India journal 89th Issue


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