Vasant (Spring) 2020 Poems - Tara Sattar


When I see you

By Tara Sattar


I see “Us".
“Us” in a house where we could make magic happen.


When I see you,
I see a studio apartment with a red couch and a floor bed.
I see a kitchen corner with a small double-burner stove and three red chairs on the counter.


When I see you,
I see a window by our bed.
I see the world outside which is mostly the love lit sky.
The sky that shows a million me in the twilight.
The twilight in which we met.


When I see you,
I see you waking up at 5am.
You bring me breakfast in bed, like you promised,
when you sang to me the song, "Say you won't let go",
You did thank the lucky stars that brought us together.


When I see you,
I see the moon.
I also see the thunder that I saved you from.
I feel the breeze,
and the rain, in which I promised I would kiss you.
I kissed you; but not once in the rain.
Our kiss made it rain in our hearts though, like a mighty waterfall.


When I see you,
I see faith.
The calmness after storm.
I being the storm and you being my comforter.
My rescue.


When I see you,
I see a reflection.
Perhaps mine, perhaps my soul's.
I don't know who is who now.
Maybe you and I are the same. One soul in two bodies.
I can't tell you differently now.


So I keep telling you, when I see you,
I see myself.
You are my eccentric fairytale come true.
The only one who knew I was from another universe.
The one who taught me anger can be soothed with words and words alone.
The one who told me I will never be alone.


When I see you, I see someone who takes care of everyone and everything.
I see someone who barely cares for himself.
I want to be the one who takes care of you.
Be by your side whether you have a mild headache or a severe breakdown.
Hold you in my arms till you know nothing can harm you anymore.
Assure you, that time and again, I will hold on to you,
And never let go.


We will live through each and perish on our love.
Remember what I told you?
You jump, I jump.


Tara Sattar is a published poet and a blogger based in Dhaka, Bangladesh. She writes mostly about social topics like rape, abuse women's rights. Someday, she wishes to publish her book of poetry.


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