Shishir 2019 Issue, Poems - Ammu Maria Ashok



Shadow of Love

By Ammu Maria Ashok

Walking along the sea shore
Hear the murmur of the waves
A sudden whisper to my ears
“turn back, turn back”


a soft voice, breathless mutter
penetrating my ear in pain.
Turning around, saw nothing but
why the quiet sea stares at me?
“Turn back, turn back”


muttering again annoyingly,
I pushed my ardour into sand,
moved to the waves.


Chasing, shrill voice breathtakingly
once again… I hear
“Darling can you see me?”


Your “Shadow”
like my love,
always with you.


You disbelieve, disregard
and always ignore me
thinking, a mere shadow



Ammu Maria Ashok is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Humanities at Mar Baselios College of Engineering & Technology, India. She has published many academic articles and poems. Her poems have appeared in a variety of international and national publications, including The Taj Mahal Review, The Machinery - A Literary Collection, Outcast Magazine, Word Weavers. Recently her poem “The Womb” has been short-listed for Word Weavers Poetry Contest 2017.


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