We are a Pune (India) based, no-fee journal of literature, poetry and art. In a year, we pubish three collections, Vasant (Spring in April, Varsha (Monsoon) in August, and Shishir (Winter) in December. We also publish Special Issues occasionally. For the first three issues, we have published collections on Water, Fire, and Earth. In the next issues, we will cover the other elements of nature. To view the collections, please visit Publications.


Announcements !!

Some important Announcements!

  1. The call for अज्ञातय Agyataya (Suspense), Special issue on the theme Supense is Closed. We will publish the collection by May 2nd week.
  2. The Vasant (Spring) 2019 issue is Live!. To read the stories and poems, please click Publications.
  3. Please visit the Submit page to view our announcements for future anthologies and open calls for submissions.
  4. We are listed on Commonwealth Writers! Please click to see our calls.

About Us !!

Hi all,
We offer emerging and established authors an opportunity to showcase their work. We publish quicks, short stories, flash fiction, poetry, and art. We have just launched the Vasant (Spring) 2019 Collection, featuring short stories and poetry from authors around the world on the theme Earth.


In 2018, we launched the Shishir (Winter) 2018 Theme Fire collection of short stories and poetry, based on the theme Fire. In August 2018, we released the Varsha (Monsoon) 2018 on the theme Water, collection of seven short stories, authored by five Pune WRIMO authors.

Do you want your work to be carried here?

  1. Please use Open Call at Submit to send in Quicks, flash, short stories, poetry and art on any topic of your choice for our consideration. Submissions are open throughout the year.
  2. Quicks up to 500 words, Flash up to 1000 words, Short Stories up to 3000 words, Poems 24 lines.
  3. Our editors are very fastidious about the story, flow, narrative, and grammar. Any work you send should be grammar-proofed.

To celeberate the Vasant (Spring) 2019 collection, we present a painting in the style of the Madhubani school depicting the Spring season.

Image courtsey: The ExoticIndia Art Gallery, New Delhi, India.


Team ActiveMuse

Our Values and Mission:

We place great importance on ethics, originality and treat authors with sincerity, honesty, and respect. We understand that you have spent long hours on your project, and we appreciate that. If we like your work, or let it go, we hope to remain the best of friends!

Managing Editor Speaks:

Image Shashi Kadapa.
"We want to see passion in your work. I mean not 'ooh-ah', but real feelings, and thoughts..".

ImageOur Editors
We have three sharp-shooting editors Savita, Cashmere, and Chaitali who watch hawk-eyed for good stories.

Events, Book Releases

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ImageA conversation with Sanaz Fotouhi
Savita Narayan interviews Sanaz and bring out the influences of Persian diaspora

ImageCommonwealth Writers
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