Shishir 2019 Issue, Poems - Bob McNeil



A Window View to Who We are

By Bob McNeil

There is a love
That is closer
Than closeness can be,
Deeper than the deepest skin pore,
More purposeful than the heart,
Farther than the farthest part
Where the bones start,
Somewhere there,
Within the marrow,
Never becoming fallow,
You will see
The most enduring part of me
Which is my need for you.



Bob McNeil is the author of Verses of Realness. Hal Sirowitz, Queens Poet Laureate, described the book as “A fantastic trip through the mind of a poet who doesn’t flinch at the truth.”  Bob was published in The Shout It Out Anthology, Brine Rights: Stanzas and Clauses for the Causes (Volume 1), San Francisco Peace and Hope, and The Self-Portrait Poetry Collection, etc.  Furthermore, his work as a professional illustrator, spoken word artist, and writer is dedicated to one cause- justice.


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