Shishir 2019 Issue, Poems -Gabrielle Mohamed




By Gabrielle Mohamed


There was a time
When has voice echoed
The dialect of my
Thumping heart.


But, this was his art
That he perfected
And slipped his poison
That was posed within
An infection, slowly
Attacking the rhythms
Of my heart.


His words slithered
It's hiss, within each
Of my chambers,
He chased false lies,
With smirking fangs
That melted arteries
With a single droplet
Of acidity.


Do you hear
That beeping,
Its the sound of a heart
In distress,
As I watch him dance
Around his new


So in the stiffness
Of an examination room,
I am buried in a mattress
Of an irregular heartbeat.




Gabrielle Elizabeth Mohamed from Guyana has a Bachelor’s of Arts Degree in English – Linguistics. She has a mixed passion for Literature and Linguistics. As an emerging Creole poet, she believes that the employment of her Guyanese space is essential to facilitate a breakdown and breakthrough process that will allow her countrymen to find there true selves devoid of any colonial touch. Thus, her writing style attempts to capture the continual influence of colonial and post-colonial attitudes and behaviors within the lives of her countrymen. She has written two short creole books Is You Madness, Nah me own ( a short collection of Creole Poetry ) and Blackout Daze( a short collection of Creole Plays), each of which was presented during the Carifesta XIV hosted in Trinidad and Tobago. She has a passion for the Guyanese Creole English (G.C.E) which she makes a point in integrating into her poems in the hopes of spreading its validity and increasing its prestige within the eyes of her countrymen.


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