Shishir 2019 Issue, Poems - Kunle Okesipe



Sometimes I Too am a River

By Kunle Okesipe

Sometimes I too am a river;
I flow with all the pebbles in the marrow of my thoughts,
With the agile celerity of my passion;
I flow with steadfast water, towards your oceanic arms.


In the darkness of my road,
With the vine of my longings extending like an eye,
I crave your little suns,
To mix my shadowy desires with your single light.


Sometimes I am a chivalrous tributary,
A troubadour with assets of love and liability of care,
A convert of your distant faith, with a singular belief
In the larger water of your medicinal being.


I flow and pause,
Lifting my head among the stones of my genesis;
I scurry and fly among the desires that fetch my water,
So I will be in you like the still wind among the leaves of grass.



Kunle Okesipe is a Nigerian poet and playwright whose poetry has appeared or is forthcoming in The Revolution Relaunch (TRR), The Tiger Moth Review, adda (Journal of Commonwealth Writers) and a number of anthologies. He has also won prizes for his plays.


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