Shishir 2019 Issue, Poems - Lance Wu



One-way street

By Lance Wu

A one-way street is all that greets me.
A Street with no name, nor place to lead.
Looking left, looking right. Makes no difference.
Somehow I am compelled to make this journey
To the unknown.


A single path was all that greeted me.
A glance to the left or right, made no difference.
Every step merely an addition to the previous step.
I looked straight ahead but still, saw nothing.


I was frantic. Looking everywhere for a sign,
A symbol, a marker, a landmark.
But I saw nothing. A lost soul wandering into hades
But without a coin for Charon.


I did a journey of eternity.
The one-way street approached an end.
At last the end was in sight.
To my horror, it was I
Encased in stone.
I looked back.
The street


I looked left
And right and saw on my right
A way to escape my too early fate.
I saw paths. Pot-marked, dusty, bumpy.
More paths emerged from my blindness.
Winding roads that led to somewhere, for good
Or for worse.


I took the first path I saw and found an escape
From the one-way street and located a better fate
Than the end of that one disastrous state.




Lance studies at the Singapore University and likes poetry and Literature. He writes poetry as a voice to express his inner thoughts and feelings and this poem


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