Shishir 2019 Issue, Poems - Lawrence Chin



Love stories

By Lawrence Chin

a long time ago
is inadequate distanceconfounding lost yearnings
dropped between livespassing disappointments
garnered as silenceweigh, more than
the heaviest of hearts.


a long time ago
is impossible measureof confused words, bound
in anxious scrutinymeaning after meaning,
pinned, but fluttering overimagined, impossible
askance of what-is-yet-to-be.


a long time ago
is unintended answerechoing the widest hope
abiding in incomplete lovemanifest in broken
lines tracing a shadowfore-brooding, of ambiguous
gratitude left unacknowledged - dangling.


a long time ago
is careful promisewrapped with crumpled spirits
enfolding secrets, darkenby unyielding needs
reached beyond intothat sinking pit
which lights as it dissipates.


a long time ago
is stubbornness heldagainst best intentions
mended over and againas time passes through
anguish desires, notchedwith love stories told
through bated breaths, mingled.



Lawrence Chin lives and works in Singapore writing poems and essays in between his work in the museum and visual art fields.


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