Shishir 2019 Issue, Poems - Leena Auckel



A Blanket that Never falls short

By Leena Auckel

I have an eidetic memory of her
as she held me in her arms
I could feel her motherly affection
Emanating and pervading
the whole of my being
like a warm blanket.


I gazed up and contemplated her
with my big brown eyes
Her face ever so affectionate,
her eyes sparkling with mirth.
Her rosy lips curled into a smile
as she saw me giggling.


After countless flips of the hourglass
Again I am knelt in front of her
She is the same yet not similar
Lines of experience map her face
Her quivering lips strive to take my name
Her haggard eyes fail to recognize me

I gaze up and contemplate her
And I wrap her in my arms
I feel the same motherly affection
Emanating and pervading me.
Her eyes light up!
It’s the same warm blanket.




Leena Auckel from Mauritius. She is working as a lecturer in a Medical University and started writing as love back in college, gradually, written words became the lifebuoy. Her recent publication includes a Short story – The Blotted Truth published by an Online Magazine.


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