Shishir 2019 Issue, Poems - Ngozi Oluleye




By Ngozi Oluleye

It flowed crimson, thick clots of life
Dark, ebbing away from the sanctum’s lining
A phase in time; an empty cavern
Unshed tears,frozen behind eyelids;blinding.


Many moons come, gone. Why still counting?
Too late, say many. Not now, stop trying
Yet you are in my dreams, all too real
Bittersweet to my tongue; familiar and clinging.


Baba, My spirit within is fluttering
Strings stretch to heaven, our hearts linking
Stay. Don’t tease but only still a glimmer
Are you real? Or like a bird simply flitting.


I am the wind, I arise upward and unseeing
Hope filled showers, borne of exquisite sorrow
Our paths cross like two vines intertwining
Now we are one, seeking and growing.


Temperatures arrive, now rising and rising
Words that cannot be spoken; unheard
Sparks,flame,fire and power, binding
Are you there? The waves within undulating.


Arrows whiz past, an eternity in giving
The lines are placed in pleasant places
Baba, with tears of Joy seamlessly laughing
Yes, welcome answered prayer. We have been waiting.



Ngozi Oluleye lives in Richmond, USA and is from Lagos, Nigeria. She is a graduate of History from the University of Lagos. She loves to sing, act and write


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