Suspense 2019, Special Issue, Poems - Dide Akseymen




By Dide Akseymen


Suspense, oh whence do you come announced?
In the mind, you double double, toil and trouble
Henceforth, we wait and writhe, ready to pounce


On the slightest change, feigned
Sink with a sigh, release yet nigh
The man still lurking behind the fence,


Results still expected, as sure as the weather
Tether us to inertia, this limbo ethereal as a feather
Sense escaped, fiction doubles doubles, boils and bubbles


Far from the concrete, anchored with a ‘still’ peat
To mill the sentiments: real and pretence
Where either incenses, tense do we grow, patience abating,
Oh suspense, was this our great offence?



Based in the UK, Dide Akseymen is a writer, composer and artist. After studying philosophy at the University of Cambridge in the UK, whilst simultaneously visiting the Lausanne Conservatoire of Music in Switzerland, before which she studied at London's Royal College of Music JD, Dide has, i.a., written seven books, two theatre plays and composed music, sometimes using a composition technique she invented herself. She also creates visual art. She has many interests, speaking six languages to varying degrees, has lived around the world and has worked as a translator, editor, writer, English teacher, singing teacher, piano teacher and violin teacher.



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