Suspense 2019, Special Issue, Poems -Preeti Sharma



Probable Life
By Preeti Sharma


Low in achievements
The old man from Delhi
Slogs to save pennies
Toiling for future eternally

He prays daily
Bereft of peace
Under the spell
Of unfulfilled aspirations
With tired vision

The old man from Delhi
Is an amphitheatre
Where worry performs
Living uneasy and anxious
Fetching welfare
For his loved ones

His life is a melancholy story
Make a note you all
The old man from Delhi
Has the most probable life
Bereft of happiness

Gulping a curry of sharp spices
He gears up daily
To taste this probable life

The old man from Delhi
Has a part in you all
Gear up all
Your puzzles of probability.



Preeti Sharma is a school teacher in Delhi, India. Besides teaching children, she like to pen poems.



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