Suspense 2019, Special Issue, Poems - Priscilla Goka



The Face of God
By Priscilla Goka


The reddish hues of a sunset sky,
fills the world to a golden blaze,
I look upon it,

Two eyes, a nose and lips of wispy white clouds.
Is that, the face of God gazing back at me?
Have I done right or am I doing wrong?
I really do not know,
I do the best I can.

Looking at that face above, I wish it could tell me, truly,
If that is the face of God,
If that is the gaze of God,
Or if it is just what I see it to be,

Wispy white clouds in the sunset sky,
Red as blood,
Passing to give way to the darkness of night.



Priscilla Ametorpe Goka, is a graduate of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology with a BSc. in Land Economy. She is also a prefessional member of the Ghana Institution of Surveyors. In 2007, she won a competition organised by the Pan African Writers Association, with her story, To Do Without. She has also published a short story, Devil's Bridge and two poems, Two Little Mes' and The Witch Child, in the Weekly Ghanaian Mirror.



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