Vasant (Spring) 2020 Poems - Anila Nair



By Anila Nair


Mother, a Gandharvan visited me
last night.
He held my hand and said,
‘Don’t be afraid darling.
I will love as no man ever has.’

He kissed my lips as he hugged my waist.
He carded my hair with as eyes roamed on my breasts.
His eyes lingered on mine as his toes played with mine.
‘My dear’, he repeated in my ears
Like a python winding round and round
He gripped me, swallowing me whole

I have been watching you, he said.
You were driving me mad, he cooed.
You know it’s your fault, he pouted.
You should not have tempted me, he reasoned.

But mother, I swear I didn’t go under the Pala tree
on a full moon night.
I didn’t put jasmine in my hair
Or rub sandal paste under my breasts.

I went to temple everyday
I drew water from well every day
Every day I cut and cleaned vegetables.
Every day I lit the lamp
And prayed for my husband.

But what I got was Gandharvan
The one who lives in downtown market
One who drinks soma
And sings when he is full at dark.

He promised to visit me every night.
He swore to take me heaven every night
He vowed that he’ll show me moon and stars
He has assured me that I’m his.

What he did not tell me is I will be happy
What he did not promise me is my dignity
But then neither has Books
Nor have you.

* A mythical celestial being who are skilled singers and dancers. According to a myth (in Kerala), Gandharvans are notorious at visiting the virgins at night, luring them outside and taking away their chastity.


Anila Nair from India taught English Literature to grad and post grad students in India for six years before she became an online tutor. She loves to read and write poetry and short stories. Her works have mostly local color and experience that reflect humans in their day to day life struggles. Her writings are influenced by the stories and folktales of her mother tongue (Malayalam).


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