2020 Open Call , Poems - Amadu Khan


The Lion Mountain

By Amadu Khan


It used to be
home to recaptured slaves
and harbour whose aquamarine quenched the thirst
of seafarers

Athens of West Africa to whom all came for sage hood
our earth whose innards exude gold and diamonds,
of sunshine, green vegetation and marine.

It used to be
half-moon of children listening to tales of fragrance
with faces radiating the warmth from the glows of embers
to love-thy-neighbour-as-thy-self

It used to be the land of freedom
today, we are free-free-free-free as vampire bat
to bleed our kith and kin of their blood
free to make visitations a bogey man at the dark of night
in broad day light


setting bonfires on roof tops
free-free-free to roam across the country leaving at our heels
cries of anguish for departed souls.

It used to be the land of justice
today there is
jungle Justice in Lex talionis
the prosecutor, the juror and the executioner blended in one.



Amadu Khan from UK is a human rights activist, writer, performer-poet, and storyteller with experience of performing in the UK and international contexts. He has curated cultural art forms in schools, museums, and community settings across Scotland. I have also used poetry, and storytelling as vehicles for campaigning, activism and advocacy for human rights, equality, and social and environmental justice.


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