2020 Open Call , Poems - Antonia Murguia


My Beautiful Red Oak Tree

By Antonia Murguia


The beautiful tree stood tall over the roof of our house.
Ever since I was a little girl, I have loved this red oak tree.
Its fall colors were majestic making fall my favorite time of year.

Every season my red oak tree brought me pleasure, new buds
brought hope, cool shade-rest and gratefulness, autumn leaves
were a pool of colors to jump on,and winter’s bare brancheswere
beautiful. Unfortunately, one summer day I realized a vine had
grown around the tree like a huge python, winding round and round,
choking the tree.


I tried to pull it off,but to no avail. I ran inside crying
to my father. We ran outside and he examined the vine. He went to
grab some supplies and we began to unwrap this vine.We worked
together and pulled all the vines off.Father cut around the tree to
make sure no vine seedlings starting.


I remember that day more and more since I’ve lost my father. It was a time he taught me about
the foundation of a tree and what the vine could do.I was proud to work
with him that day. We were a team. When we finished, I hugged him
and thanked him for helping me.


He smiled and kissed me on the forehead
and said, “That’s what fathers are for.”



Antonia Salinas Murguia is a poet who calls herself the Water Poet because she holds water to be her sanctuary of peace. She has been published in many anthologies and has won two international submissions. Antonia is currently working on her book.


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