2020 Open Call , Poems - Gabrielle Elizabeth Mohamed



Sir Loneliness

By Gabrielle Elizabeth Mohamed


Breathe in, Breathe out


In the rage of today's savagery, I am tormented.
Like a huge Python, winding round and round,
I feel THEIR slimy kiss slithering into the wheezing body
Of my perforated lungs, feasting on the bounty
Of my beautifully damaged soul.


My eyes weep salt in the graveyard of my own weakness.
From the catacombs of one's own purgatory,
I peel the deafening echo of my shaved flesh,
Exposed to the night’s flushed air, it bites.
I feel their teeth, slowly sinking into my dying flesh.


I scream into the abyss of life never ceasing,
But no one ever stops.
And so the torment continues.


In the resuscitation of my death
I am greeted at the doors
Of my oldest friend,


Sir loneliness.



Gabrielle Elizabeth Mohamed from Guyana has a Bachelor’s of Arts Degree in English – Linguistics. She has a mixed passion for Literature and Linguistics. As an emerging Creole poet, she believes that the employment of her Guyanese space is essential to facilitate a breakdown and breakthrough process that will allow her countrymen to find their true selves. Thus, her writing style attempts to capture the continual influence of colonial and post-colonial attitudes and behaviors within the lives of her countrymen. Miss Mohamed wrote two short creole books; Is You Madness, Nah me own ( a short collection of Creole Poetry ) and Blackout Daze( a short collection of Creole Plays).


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