2020 Open Call , Poems - Giti Tyagi




By Giti Tyagi

The ceaseless journey, struggles unending,
Untiring efforts fulfilling the dreams,
Persistent persevering unabating endeavours,
Reaching the unreachable, achieving the unachievable,
The voyage’s long, tedious wearying,
Halt O Mortal, rekindle thy spirits high!


Incessant thoughts criss-crossing mind,
Traversing across the boundless bourns,
Wandering around, striking the chords,
Leading misleading the earthlings on the way,
Rudderless afloat, sprinting galloping,
Halt O Mind, achieve thy tranquil self!


The progress, the success, the aims, the dreams,
The mettle, the courage, the undeterred resolve,
The willful pursuit whether big or small,
Fulfill thy dreams tread the wriggly path,
Restore thy vigour, revive thy soul,
Halt O Man, to know thyself!


Where there is a will there is a Way


Untiring efforts to spread around,
When struck a sap with hardships abound,
No sun, no soil, no air, no light,
The struggling roots with space so tight,
It yet did give a final fight,
And bloomed there a flower ever so bright!

The Faith, unfailing, that was shown,
Wasn’t for nothing that lay deep instilled sown,
The hand wanting the flower halts at bay,
For the Divine reflects in each of its ray!

If not for Faith, nor the Surrender,
The bloom wouldn’t survive the slightest thunder,
For all odds, all obstacles, the bloom’s the brightest,
The Divine Will prevails, the strongest the mightiest!

Let no hurdle never leave us at dismay,
Let not our dreams the stumbles shall slay,
Let the Faith, the Surrender brighten up our way,
Where there is a will there is a way!



Giti Tyagi from India is an editor, creative artist, poetess, writer, reviewer. Pesently she works at MM University, Ambala, Haryana, Inida, and serves as an Educational Consultant at Karnal , Haryana, India. Her stories and poems have been published in reputed national and international magazines and journals such as- Muse Inida, The Call Beyond, The International Poetry Digest, The Nightingale Poetry Journal, Parousia Magazine. He poems have been published in ebooks - Devour: Art And Lit Canada- Issues 5 and 6; and Monsoon Moods. Her Book reviews have been published in several journals and websites.She has won several Poetry and Creative Writing Contests. She was honoured by the management of Sri Aurobindo Society in 2019 for her contributions in the literary world.


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