2020 Open Call , Poems - Margot DeSalvo



Gray Synchronicity

By Margot DeSalvo

The gray synchronicity
of driving in and out
of rain drops
could only be eased
by the soothing sunlight
your bare skin brings
when you come to bed.


Sometimes I think life hates me
- with its wrath and potholes.


Where is the insurance
of our existence
– our attempts at being?


I rip out pages
of jagged memories.
I put my pen
to this concrete.
I lean into your laughter
I shift
my idle time.


Fractured consort


The temperature hasn’t changed-
it is always colder than necessary.


You bought me this
notebook to apologize
for making me cry
in Mexico.


The cover looks like old mosaic tile -
a cobalt kaleidoscope
etched with thin yellow lies
like the ones told by the saturated
photo filter
on our camera.


I want to feel its texture
feel it’s flaws, cuts and grooves
under my fingertips
but the surface is smooth
and soft
unlike us.


We needed to be more careful
not to confuse anxiety
with foresight
but instead
we adamantly professed
self-produced excuses
and drove blindly
into the sun.



Margot DeSalvo is just another person in this world seeking stability, simplicity, and coffee. Her writing has been picked up by Synaeresia by Harmonia Press, Squawk Back, Riza Press, Wilderness House Literary Review, Thimble Magazine Buddylit Zine, Califragile, Ghost City Review, ActiveMuse, and Sonic Boom. She is also a writing coach for creative writers and businesses. She can be found via her Facebook page The Write Place on or on Instagram as thewriteplacecoach.


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