2020 Open Call , Poems - Maryam Haniff



All of her

By Maryam Haniff

She had sparks in her eyes
And stardust in her soul


Smile made of rainbows
Heart full of passion


Butterfly wishes and dandelion dreams
Unshakeable, unstoppable


She was the moon at dusk
Magical, hopeful, ambitious


At the crack of dawn; the sun
Certain, faithful, courageous


The world was hers
For she was love-struck
With herself.



Maryam Haniff of Guyana, South America is an emerging poet whose dream is to heal the world one poem at a time. She has used poetry as her expression of the world around her from the very tender age of 8. Her first collection of poetry entitled "Silver Linings" is available for purchase locally and will soon be available worldwide. She is also the founder of Emjay - a brand that creates poetry tailored to a given client's needs. She is happily married with two adorable daughters. Maryam enjoys reading, writing, learning and baking


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