2020 Open Call , Poems - Navneet Kaur



By Navneet Kaur

The yellows and greens and oranges,
Your shades are many,
Tangerines and lemons and citruses,
Your names are many too.


The green that you are, young and infant,
The yellowish you turn, you mature,
Into a full grown pulpy one,
Your juice tastes better too , then,
The in-between of sour and sweet.


We squeeze you hard, round and round ,
To ooze your pulp out,
The white that it turns later.
In between Licking you,
And caressing, and then finally tasting,
I experience ecstasy,
Your fluids in my mouth, choking me hard with that freshness.


Your seeds embedded deep inside you,
You being the ovary holding them,
And the inside of you,
A treasure trove of veins and fibres.
And then when you unite with water,
And mingle and intertwine and get entangled,
You turn from Lemonia to lemonade.


Lemonia! O Lemonia!Add that zest in my life too.


Navneet Kaur from India is an English Literature student, pursuing a degree in English Honours at the Lady Shriram College for Women, Delhi. Her work is published by Diplomatist, ISR College Magazine, and others.


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