2020 Open Call , Poems - Sanjhee Gianchandani




By Sanjhee Gianchandani

What is to good in a goodbye?
It simply connotes a sad reminder
of life that passes by


Tears flow down your cheeks
when your loved ones leave your side
Physical separation makes the heart cringe
Distance doesn’t make it any fonder
But causes wounds to singe


Goodbyes call for re- adjustment of life,
re-orientation of thought, and re-organization
of perspectival narratives
Clarity is tossed in the interim,
Leaving only doubts and uncertainties to play havoc


It's harder also for the person who has left
as a familiar life is left behind
In gloomy days, only to memories one can rewind


Time doesn’t stand still
but the pain... it simply breaks and subtly kills


Sanjhee Gianchandani holds a Masters’ degree in English Literature from Lady Shri Ram College for Women. She is a CELTA certified ESL trainer and works as a content developer and an editor for Academic English textbooks.


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