2020 Open Call , Poems - Shagun Shukla


Path of Atonement

By Shagun Shukla


Churning, twisting, life force within
Her desire to hold onto memories
With each knot weakening
Eyes plead for a miracle that everyone seeks
Mind accepts defeat, yet
Chains shackle her body unseen
Silently she cries out for redemption


From those she probably wronged
Or those who forsake her for journeys anew
Forgiveness beseech her troubled soul
Stroked by her own blood
Coursing through
Like a huge Python, winding round and round


As she lies on her bed, cleaned and gowned
Softly somewhere pleas get heard
Surrounded in love, her body stills and stones
Her soul floats up like feather
Rising above the trammels of misery
Her struggles ending for now
Closed eyes, face calm as though quietly bespoke
You lay the path that you walk on



An intuitive Reiki practitioner with a scientific background, she believes there’s something good in every individual or situation. A mom, homemaker, friend, and writer with her heart in the mind spot, she keeps her soul ignited by writing on her blog Twisted Fabric.


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