2020 Open Call , Poems - Silas Rallings



The Shadow Garden

By Silas Rallings

These are here presently,

In words at least,

Yet temporary to thee,

As the fog sliding across the wall,

Creeping the inner edge,

Before hovering above the lawn,

On this spot in one part under a magnolia,

Skeleton with bloomers of white silk,

Courting a corner of the surrounding stone,

Ancient arching tendrils of stick,

A fern as big as a man,

Fronds shading the heat of the sun,

Much to cold for a bour,

Come the dripping winter ground,

Where at the gate,

From which a drive of parallel brick,

Tracks to the house,

Runs a corpse of roses,

Or bed of dormant pretty heads sleep,

And beneath this fragile well armed hedge,

That leads to the feature afore,

The push of bulbs disturb straw.



Silas Rallings from Belfast, has won the Studio NI poetry competition for 2018, been published in the anthologies, 'Where the River Flows' and LAVAs' 'Find', also to be published in Gruesome Grotesques' 'The Outer Zone' and 'Happenstance'. He is a contributor to Belfast's Phantasmagoria Magazine, CAP magazine and the international online journal ActiveMuse, and has been enjoyed as he read his work at many fellowship circles including a celebration of European Culture Day. When he is not writing he involves himself in the arts, completing a Bachelor of Fine Arts, working as a volunteer art assistant to patients and staff at the Musgrave Hospital with the organisation Artscare, creating websites on en.gravatar.com/slyall2014 , and is exhibited in the National Gallery of Australia and is currently in their collection. He loves the world as an activist with Greenpeace and avid wanderer walking much of the UK, Asia and Australia but most admirably sees service to the temple and japa as the highest discipline of humanity but stupidly continues to break the regulative principles much to his own disappointment. His recently published are Quasi Crystal and Smalls.


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