2020 Open Call , Poems - Twinkle George



The Mosquito

By Twinkle George

As days pass by flushing like a gutter,
I get used to these empty mail boxes, empty purses,
And your lies filling my thighs, spilling over in perfect roundness.


And like nothing more than a perturbed buzz of a mosquito,
You linger a permanent echo in the air; empty of your scent.
Sucking blood from my limbs, I saw your tubular stomach fill red,
What did I even think? That I would suffice your eternal thirst? I wonder!


That you turned to yet another body
That lay unblanketed for you, all along!
Nearby me, nearby me.
Why did I even panic in worry!
Was it not a mistake of mine,


To think that I would serve adequate for your pangs of hunger.
When, your perennial buzz of discontent was gone unnoticed by me.
Was it not a mistake of mine,


To watch you drink like a vampire to life,
While I suffered the sting of your poisoned fangs.
The zit you left for me, to heal;
In the place of a mistaken kiss.


As days pass by flushing like a gutter, stagnant in its flow,
I get used to the aftermath of this huge mistake in the name of love.


Twinkle George India has published her work in a number of magazines. Her works can be found at “FishfoodMag”,"The Martian Chronicles”, “Muse India”, “Madras Courier”, "Spark the Magazine", "VerbalArt", "Criterion eJournal" "Indian Ruminations", "IndusWomanWriting" and several other online platforms. Her contribution to anthologies include, "Boundless"(Rio Grande Valley International Poetry Festival 2019, El Zarappe Press) and "Love, As We Know It" (Delhi Poetry Slam).


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