2020 Open Call , Poems - Vanessa Rowan Whitfield



By Vanessa Rowan Whitfield


I am.
I was.
I eat.

Unending layers,
the shedding of skin.


Devouring the self
again and again.


The jaw, an opened womb,
swallowing the end of scales.


Life, death and rebirth
without fail.


A circle weaving
through the universal sound.

Like a huge python
winding round and round.


World serpent,
forever embossed in space.

A hungry ghost
preparing for another taste.


Unending infinity,
the legless body shifts into lemniscate.

Mouth to tail, Yoni to Lingam,
a galactic figure eight


Vanessa Rowan Whitfield from US is an artist who works with a variety of media. She is a writer, a painter, a builder and a photographer. Whitfield owes much of her inspiration to the study of the natural world: a student of botany and biology, she styles her shots after nature photos from old scientific textbooks. She has also spent a great deal of time in nature itself, often embarking on excursions to the forested mountains of Pennsylvania, where many of her photos were captured.


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