Open 2021 Poems - Kanupriya Rathore



By Kanupriya Rathore

After a lifetime of trying to be happy
I can finally sit in my big chair
and not appal myself
with endless seeking

And I am content
with the mangoes
the tiny white flowers that
burst amid the greenness
the worst kept surprise of the season

but they are lucky
they don't know they are beautiful

Summer is mostly about sleep
and not going out
about the furious sun my curtains
touch so gently
the light takes her heat off like shoes

I am convinced we will outlive our
uncertainty and although I cant stand
the sulking monsoon
when the rain has something to say

I listen



Kanupriya Rathore from India is a honours student from Lady Sri Ram College, Delhi University. She has returned to her hometown of Jaipur after eight years of boarding school and is currently writing.


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