Open 2021 Poems - Mike Dailey


A Well Balanced Beer

By Mike Dailey


A well-balanced beer may cost this gal dearly
It’s a cabaret act the tax guys said clearly

They caught her “act” in a bar late one night
And the way she poured beer they said was “all right!”

She would balance a glass, sometimes 3, sometimes 4
Right there on her frontage and then she would pour

They said it’s an act, she said it’s my job
It brings in the tips from the beer drinking slobs

They took her to court, they said she should pay
Over 44 thousand and she said “no way”

She knew the law, she had been there before
For indecent dress and a little bit more

When the judge threw the case it was greeted with cheers
For they too had enjoyed a couple of beer.


Mike Dailey from US has his poems published in several magazines and anthologies. He has had three books of poetry published; one based on cancer treatments he underwent, one based on his 30 years working as a civilian analyst for the US Army, and a book of spiritual poems. He is currently putting together a collection of children’s’ poems and looking for a publisher. Mike Dailey’s poetry can be serious, topical, or very moving but he is known more for his rhythm and rhyme poetry with a twist of humor.


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