Open 2021 Poems - Obinna Chilekezi



By Obinna Chilekezi


We blow along with the everyday storm
Not only by chance and not also by our desires
We sail each across life stormy waters
But my chance some in this sail in canoes,
Some others in beauty to behold Yatchts


Let all sail and sail by this chance


But who we are, not by chance to be
As not by chance that my worries have their worries too
Leaving me less anxiety to manage
So not my chance do I sail in this nature given canoe
To sail to safety, love and happiness, and
To them that needs my love


Let all sail and sail by this chance


Paddle your Yatcht as I paddle my canoe
Let all do same with love, to others
And not my chance we love those we meet our sails
To help those in need of love by our extended arms
So that by tomorrow, our refusal to love
Will not give birth to perilous days for all


Let all sail and sail by divine chance of love!


Obinna Chilekezi is a Nigerian poet and insurance practitioner. His poems have been published in Journals and anthologies both in his country, Nigeria and abroad. His Collection of poems Songs of a Stranger at the Smiling Coast was published by Kraft Books Limited and Calligramme by Emotion Press. He has travelled widely in his West African sub-region.


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