Open 2021 Poems - Sally Connors


The Bee

By Sally Connors


Alone at last
With my bee
So beautiful, your yellow and black
Ending in a point
Sharp as a needle
To enter my soft
Pale flesh and
Spread it’s delicious poison
Through my veins
You hover there
Surveying a crowd of meat puppets
Pick me! Pick me!
That moment
Your serum flowing
Just a trickle
Through me
Your stinger lovingly embedded
What is poison?
Does it bring me closer to you?
Will my thoughts
Turn dark?
Will I look for someone
To sting?
Someone to enter
Someone who is afraid and
Will I plunge
Into his trembling flesh and
Whisper in his ear
I am part of you now and
I will never leave


Sally Connors from USA has her poetry published in Orange blush Zine and 3 Line Poetry. Her one acts have been produced off off Broadway and in California.


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