Varsha (Monsoon) 2021 Poems - Kate Meyer-Currey


No Angel
By Kate Meyer-Currey

Was it really
So far to fall
From lonely
By a chamber
Of cloud banks
By the heavenly host
Who cast her out
Their rigid wings
Chiselled profiles
Icing-sugar robes
Sneering down from
Wedding cake tiers
Of pristine perfection
At her vintage, torn lace
Rescued from a skip
Sequins askew
Pearls dropping
In a trail of tears
And limp confetti
As she twanged her harp
To a bass-beat
Broke her acrylics
God’s Big Brother House
Was voting her off.
She was about to
Drink the nightshade:
Lucifer took pity
When he saw her
Video diary
Gothgirl eyeliner
Ran, streaked
Her candy skull
It was love at first
Death stare
Like a true demon king
He roared off
Hell for leather
Took her home.


Kate Meyer-Currey from UK currently has over forty poems in print and e journals. ‘Gloves’ recently made top 100 in the UK’s ‘PoetryforGood’ competition for healthcare workers. Her first chapbook ‘County Lines’ (Dancing Girl Press) comes out later this year. Published poems Other poems include Family Landscape: Colchester 1957 (Not Very Quiet, September 2020), Invocation (Whimsical Poet, February 2021), Dulle Griet, Scold’s Bridle, Recconnaissance, (RavenCageZine, February 2021), Stream: Timberscombe (A River of Poems, March 2021), and many others. .


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