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A Midnight Murder
By Divyank Jain


"You trust me now?" said Shailesh putting his arm around his wife, Anjali's waist as three of them sat down at the table in the bar.


"Why not!" Anjali replied, vaguely smiling to him. She had caught her husband's brown eyes staring at the Muskan's full- breasted chest. Muskan, who was a divorcee and Anjali's only friend, sat there in front of her husband in a very beautiful red dress and in red her body became more tempting, Anjali thought. She looked down with envy and sighed to content herself with the thought that everything was going to end by midnight.

"Now you both look beautiful together." Muskan smiled.


"Thank you Muskan once again for clearing her doubts," said Sailesh, shaking his head a bit mockingly and then he winked at Muskan. Anjali said nothing. She looked at the clock behind him, it was close to 12 o'clock and the bar was already empty which was strange in this city. A tall waiter came for the order. As he stood leaning over and examined them, Anjali felt his stinging eyes on the back of her neck, she hid her Diamond necklace.


"Champagne!" Shailesh ordered.


"Beer for me." Anjali said trying not to look at the waiter. "And you, Muskan?" she asked, delicately.

"I love both," Muskan replied that made Anjali look down with an instant shame in her eyes, and Shailesh adjusted his overcoat, coughing.


"This is very clean and quiet place," he said in order to end the bizarre silence. The waiter gave him only a weary smile instead of saying 'Thank you, sir!' in return. Strange.

"Where's the washroom?" Sailesh stood up in confusion. The waiter pointed to the right and went away. Anjali waited for her husband to go into the washroom and then she bent towards Muskan. Even though there was no one who could hear them talking, Anjali prefer whispering in her ear. "Did you hire this tall stupid?"




"What if he opens his mouth?"


"He won't."

"For more money, he would. He doesn't look trustworthy, but a crazy one." Anjali said.


Muskan shrugged. "No, he is not. I know all kinds of men. They are all same and weak, and you can make them do anything if you know how to."


"Oh, I wish I knew that before everything...”


Anjali lowered her eyes.


"Oh, Anjali! What do you need a man for?" Muskan placed her soft hand on her naked thigh, rubbing. "I'll be with you always. We'll be happy forever."


Anjali exhaled hopelessly and swallowed up some water. "Can't we do this after a few days?"


"No chance."


"I am scared."


"No you are not scared, you are only upset. And you shouldn't be."




"Before he does it with you, you have to do it."


"I'll be guilty of my whole life." Anjali closed her eyes tight as if she was about to cry.


"You know, darling, your husband deserves this! You should have done it long ago. But don't worry...I am with you now. Please, darling, do not worry."


Anjali gulped as Muskan grabbed her hand tight. She looked down at her beautiful legs. "But I won't stay here," she said. "I cannot see it."


"If you leave, everyone will doubt you. There are more inside," warned Muskan.


"How do you know?"


"I just know."


"I wish I could know things like you do." Anjali was frightened as hell. Muskan caressed her thigh again, slowly with her persuasive hand. "Please?" she asked.

Anjali sighed in her never-ending confusion. "Okay! I'll stay."


Shailesh came out and sat down with them after waving his big hand to the waiter. The waiter came wavering and struggling with the tray. While placing the glasses on the table, his hands were trembling as if it was his first time. He was so stupid! thought Anjali. Thank god! Muskan kept Shailesh's eyes engaged with her playful red lips, so he couldn't notice the waiter’s hesitation. As soon as the waiter had gone, Anjali wiped away the sweat from her forehead.


Anjali looked at her lone mug of beer between two champagne-glasses as the tiny white bubbles were disappearing after coming to the surface. She took hold of her mug, they cheered. She watched her husband drinking.


"What?" Shailesh shrugged, "forget about everything and drink it."


There were sweat drops on his forehead too. Anyway, Anjali drank the beer. She was happy but at the same time, she felt as if all that bitter thing that was in his glass was also going down in her stomach. The fear made her feel sick and she shifted her eyes across the bar to the counter where the tall waiter was, looking at her worriedly. Her gaze got blurred and she felt dizzy and, about to vomit.

"What happened, Anjali?" Shailesh asked.




Her voice reverberated in her head. She drank more beer and looked up to Muskan for some courage. Muskan's eyes smiled back. Her glittery eyes were as comfortable as her soft fingers were in the bed and Anjali knew she was going to be happy forever, she made the right choice. After putting the empty glass down on the table, she examined Shailesh who, now, looked drunk and a little worried about something.


"Why are You... sweating...?" She tried to speak but started coughing. She swallowed more beer and then coughed again, it began slowly and then it grew terrible. The Increasing burden of her brows made her head shake.


"You okay?" Shailesh asked but she could not speak, only choked.


As soon as Anjali closed her eyes, she fell on the floor along with the chair. The beer spilt out over the floor and down the table. Lying on the floor, she felt no pain nor she screamed, only saw both of them crying in each other's arms and the tall waiter was not there, and one else came outside.



Divyank Jain from India is a teacher. He loves writing and has his workspublished in antholigies like 'Notions of living' and 'Notion if healing'. Recently one of his stories was published Radiate Lit. Journal


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