Varsha 2022 Poems - Bharti Bansal



By Bharti Bansal

I constantly wondered what other people were doing with their lives? How were they spending time when they had nobody to talk to? Were they looking for someone to ask them how they were just like I was? Or were they simply content with the absence of a tangible body right next to them?

All my life I was being told that people were busy. I would ask my friends to talk to me and they would say they were busy. Once my friend told me after breaking up with me, “everyone is busy in their own lives and happy". And I kept wondering for days what she meant. What were they doing? What was consuming most of their time? Was I lacking something? A purpose? An ambition?

Or was it the mere realization that people after all were happy alone, in their own little worlds while I struggled to live with myself. Maybe this was the reason for my loneliness. I had all the time in the world and none to give it to. I wasn't busy. And here lied the roots of my disease perhaps. I was looking at the world while people were looking at themselves.


Bharti Bansal is a 24-year-old poet from Shimla, India. She has been published in magazines including Aaduna, Live Wire India, Recovery Diaries, and others. She loves cats, the moon, poetry, and the universe. She aims to write her own book someday.


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