Shishir 2022 Poems - James Moran


The Power Game
By James Moran

Person A has power over Person B.


Person B has power over Person C.


And Person C has power over Person A.


For instance, if Person A is the writer of these instructions, and Person B is the reader of these instructions right now, and Person C is a character created within these instructions, then I, the writer, have power over you, the reader, in that I am leading you through the narrative of these instructions. And you, the reader, have power over Person C, the character created in these instructions; by becoming aware of them you give them life and determine who they are. Yet they have power over me, the writer; I am subject to their instructions.


If Person C were the Power Game itself, then that game is determining these instructions I am writing, and I am determining the narrative you are following, and you are determining what the Power Game actually is.


James Moran from U.S. is a professional astrologer who regularly publishes articles, fiction, and poetry. He has published a number of works on fiction and astrology.


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