Shishir 2022 Poems - Rrashima Verma


Autumn Days
By Rrashima Verma


Awakened from a slumber,
There’s a tingle in the air.
The heart needlessly joyous,
Dappled rays are everywhere!


Shimmering pearls of dew,
Atop the blazing beds.
A melange underfoot,
Bursting auburn reds!


Golden leaves afloat,
Vivid hues abound.
Lulled breezes sway,
Forgotten melodies are found.


Glorious hidden paths,
Are beckoning to me.
What secrets lie concealed,
Beneath the birch tree?


Two lovers hand in hand,
Sauntering while the mist,
Wraps its arms around,
Autumn’s softest kiss.


Ripened rosy groves,
The sweetness of the bounty.
Abundant, plentiful,
With the promise of what can be.


The robin hums a tune,
As though he wants to say,
What can more lovely be,
Than this sweet September day?


The summer’s bid goodbye,
Winter a distant dream,
This golden interlude,
Sun kissed is every beam!


Scarlet maple hearts,
A rainbow has appeared.
How can one not rejoice?
For autumn days are here.


Rrashima Swaarup Verma from India is a 39 year old business research professional and writer. She is currently working as Senior Vice President with a leading, US-based business consulting organization. Rrashima writes fiction and poetry and her work has been published across leading national and international magazines and literary journals. Rrashima is also the author of the bestselling contemporary romance book A Break In Love.


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