Shishir 2023 Poems - Jasna Gugic


I Don't Know
By Jasna Gugic

I don’t know where the limits
Of human imagination lie
And where imagination turns
Into reality.
Days are unreal,
And nights brimming with imagination
That shatters dreams
Amid awakenings in bright dawns.
O disquiet of my imagination,
So alive,
So painful,
So real,
And only mine
Tell me how to
Dream dreams all the way,
And live life all the way
When boundaries are inside us
And we inside them,
Our dreams are
Filled up by fullness
And in our dreams, we wish we could fly.


Embrace my silence

Embrace my silence
With your arms of happiness
And wrap my heart
In threads of silk
And don’t let the southern wind
Erase a smile
Of the gifted hope
From the fallen.
Embrace my silence
And you shall hear
A heartbeat
And clatter of longing
In the silence of my infinity.
Embrace my silence
And call me by my name
On this night of suspense
And I shall come
Like a fairy
All in white
To open your eyes,
Which shine
Like burning stars.
Your eyes
Are like white lighthouses
In the fear of my depths.
Your eyes are like eternal diamonds
In the colours
Of glorious life.


Jasna Gugić from Croatia is the Vice-President for public relations of the Association of Artists and Writers of the World SAPS; Global Ambassador of Literacy and Culture for the Asih Sasami Indonesia Global Writers, P.L.O.T.S USA the Creative Magazine Ambassador for Croatia; and a member of Angeena International, a non-profit organization for peace, humanity, literature, poetry, and culture. She is also co-editor of the anthology, Compassion—Save the World, one poem written by 130 world poets. The last important award with a single nomination for Croatia was awarded by UHE – Hispanic World Writers’ Union – César Vallejo 2020 World Award for Cultural Excellence. Jasna is a multiple winner of many international awards for poetry and literature, and her work has been translated into several world languages.


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