Shishir 2023 Poems - Robert Beckvall


A Miracle of A Mornin’ (at Ala Moana Park)
By Robert Beckvall


Big rooster standing on a bigger volcano rock, crowing to the the sun and hens

HPU track team practicing high knees

Stand up paddlers, surfers, kayakers-hit the sea salt waves

Palms, pink and orange clouds, a green parrot

Joggers are jogging, dogs are dogging, mynahs squawk or talk

Yes, I know Maui is suffering, as are our tented brothers and sisters

But, by God and the ancient navigated by the stars seas, it is a miracle morning


LM 8-23


Robert Beckvall lives on island, is married to and birthed Chinese ladies (I give my wife full credit for the heaviest pushing), published in newspapers, and other varied mediums to include the Arizona State University archives, champion tennis player, former soldier, teacher, coach, and volunteer.


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