Open 2023 Poems - Petrouchka Alexieva


Ghost Ship
By Petrouchka Alexieva


Emerging from the mist at midnight
Drifting slowly in a dark not far from the shore
With no direction and unknown destination
She’s not looking for bay or place to dock.


The anchor is a long-time rusting;
The compass is for centuries lost.
The Nordic runes whisper glorious stories
about battles of Vikings coming from North.


Drifting slowly from sea to sea,
She’s a house of pale lonely shadows,
A cradle of long-time forgotten souls.
They wait there for next epic battle.


It is a heavy and chilling night.
Full silver moon silently hides
Among dark-spider clouds. No gulls.
Only crows take closer approach
Near her flag that is torn in storms.


It doesn’t matter for her, if the lighthouse exists.
She cannot hear the songs of the tempting sirens.
The napping winds don’t bother to blow her sails.
Only the creepy squeak of her dark rotten deck
Reminds she is still voyaging in the Black Sea.


Ms. Petrouchka Alexieva from U.S., is a feminist, a LOVE poet, well-known scholar, and TV persona. She is a life-time member of four Distinguished Scholar Societies; a Cum Laude graduate at CSULA (2009) and “All American Scholar Award“recipient (2008). Speaking 8+ languages, her literary and scholarly works, photo-documentaries were highlighted in varieties of venues, on ”Daheli Live!” TV show, opening ceremonies and numerous open mics. For her outstanding life-long achievements, Ms. Alexieva’s name was included two times among the most distinguished Earth’s citizens list of NASA’s Mars Exploration Rover (2003) capsule and Science Laboratory Rover (2011) list, for which she has awarded with honorable certificates.


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