Varsha 2023 Poems - Carl Scharwath


Tabula Rasa
By Carl Scharwath


I saw the ethos
of a generation destroyed-
mourning the philosophers
In their artful vision.


The sense datum clouds
with cries and songs
of the nymphs welcoming
new world dawns.


Mentality is, in its way forming,
a sign of hopeful intelligence.
Knavish roadblocks obstruct
triumphant returns to Arcadia.


Asterism fills my sight
As the false memories
Of a partial Utopia
Flood my soul.

Carl Scharwath from US has appeared globally with 180+ journals selecting his writing or art. He has published three poetry books and his latest book “Playground of Destiny,” features poetry, short stories and photography (Impspired Press.) Carl has four photography books, published by Praxis in Africa, and CreatiVingenuity. His photography was also exhibited in The Mount Dora and Leesburg Centers for the Arts. He is a co-editor with CreatiVingenuity, ILA Magazine and was the art editor for Minute Magazine. He was nominated for two The Best of the Net Awards (2021-22). He is also a competitive runner, and a 2nd degree black- belt in Taekwondo.


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