Vasant 2023 Poems - Mitchell Roshannon


Anywhere, PA
By Mitchell Roshannon


The potholes are bigger now,
Ice cracks more present
Yellow curb markings faded beige,
Once sharp, young lines,
Rounded and weathered.


Last mayor said fixed in a year,
New mayor says next.

The roof needs patched bad
Looks everyone's could use patched.
All those leaking ceilings
In the arm of a hurricane.


Gram’s off to the soup kitchen;
If she don’t feed ‘em no one will.


Pappy cracks his knuckles
Attempts a pathetic squat...
Adjusts the family jewels.


“Ain’t the right person for the job”

He says
“Either of us, but work needs done


Mitchell G. Roshannon from U.S. graduated in 2019 from Susquehanna University where he studied English Literature and Creative Writing. He works in the amusements industry and writes whenever time and passion allows.


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