Open 2024 Poems - Abbie Hart


When will i know
By Abbie Hart


called you my best friend again.
kind of came out.
and they asked,
how so close,
and i gave
(lived next door for 14 years).
most days i don’t have heart
to tell people
you were the one who dragged me out.
most days can still hear panic
in your voice.



the borrows come along, and this time it is
a candle, but last time it was an air freshener.
a cacophony of things that smell
disappearing from the pink tiled bathroom of
a vietnamese restaurant in a college town.
come may i am one of them.


Abbie Hart (she/they) is a 19 year old poet from Houston, TX currently living in Worcester, MA. She has been published over 30 times, and is the editor in chief for the Literary Forest Poetry Magazine. In her spare time, she learns useless skills, daydreams about pottery, and does her best to be a nice warm soup. Her first chapbook, “head is a home,” was released by Bottlecap Press in August 2023. Her website is


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