Open 2024 Poems - Andrea Ferrari Kristeller


Winter, unmasked
By Andrea Ferrari Kristeller


bones closer to the surface,
visible, as if we turned transparent and


revealed knotted limbs roots
made snakes the stark brown beneath


it speaks in wild consonants of wind
killing any ornaments except if
red, like blood


with or without snow, conversations
hush as if any word would summon
(the unnamed)


we stay inside, run around in slippers, grow dishevelled, white
haired and in no mood for dyeing


yes, there’s fireplaces and soups, and
cakes on tables of checkered cloth. Frail spells


as all along it convinces us of despair.


While all along it holds its buds in secret like new candles,
smiling to itself


Resisting night


I don’t want the dark
with the golden still curling edges
cloud-coloured, bird-flocked
writing sky music of light


I don’t want the sublunary stillness
of cold erased edges
frail lamps fail to window-frame


like a child I refuse sunset, tease light to stay
with poems even if the moon is
large and gentle and motherly


I sit until I can no longer
fight this failure to distinguish
so many folded layers of beauty
set to rest in uniform black


I may go inside then, prepare a smell of soup,
deceive myself dreaming of dawn
in sheets of images, blurred
with forgetting


the relentless sinking of the light

while in silence stars speak to my resistance
arguing shine only comes when they
cross darkened paths


Andrea Ferrari Kristeller is an Argentinean teacher, writer and naturalist. She loves her teaching practice and the rainforest. Some of her poems have been published by The Avocet, The Dawntreader, Erbacce, ASEI Arts II anthology, “Flight of a Feather” anthology, Poetry Undressed, Braided Way, The Poppy Road Review, The Heimat Review, SweetSmell and Seaside Gothic. She participated in the Tupelo Press 30x30 challenge in July 2023. Her nouvelle “The Land without You” was given an Honourable mention at Writers of the Future contest (2018), as well as her short story “The Broken Sphere”, (2023). “The Ghost at the Whites’ Hoté” was published in the anthology Haus, by CultureCult Press (2022); “Her turning into a forest” by the magazine Globally Rooted (2023), and “The Ocelot” by Commuter Lit (2023). She published her first short-story collection of speculative fiction set in the Atlantic rainforest last June, “The Land without You and Other Stories”.


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