Open 2024 Poems - LA Felleman


Joy Adheres To Every Curve Of The Universe
By LA Felleman


Dark matter hears my joy cry and beholds
Unknown worlds hear my joy cry and quiver
Hidden places hear my joy cry and rise
Distant galaxies bask in my joy cry
Known worlds hear my joy cry and consider
Exposed places hear my joy cry and twirl
Sand resting in gulch
Insects engorged with green
Peoples training at hope
Fish unsettling seas
All earthly things hear my joy cry and care


Commuting With Nature

Craning to see by fellow bus riders
Re-catching a glimpse of gleaming off white
Suggestion of muscles under feathers


Hunter alone. Sky to itself
No purpose obvious in flight
Pattern of subtlety and slight shifts


Minuscule dip is sufficient to send wings banking
Volunteers crowd up to each edge
Trunks tied to be chopped


Once convocations spun jubilantly
Aeries homed in river trees
Kettles moved fluid down the Iowa


Now instead my gateway view is of a
Solitary eagle tilting against
Extinct ribs of towering arched concrete


From US, LA Felleman is a financial analyst at the University of Iowa. She has served as a seminary professor and as a pastor. She credits the Free Generative Writing Workshops, the Midwest Writing Center, and workshops offered through Iowa City Poetry, with her development as a poet. Her poetry recently appeared in Moot Point Magazine, Feral Journal, and Skyway Journal. To give back to the writing community, she organizes a writers open mic at the public library (or via Zoom during pandemics) and serves on the advisory council of Iowa City Poetry. She is the author of the chapbook The Length of a Clenched Fist (Finishing Line Press).


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